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Do you think Christopher Columbus went skiing?

My last Newman ski trip... so sad it's over. It was a great time. Notes passed under doors, games of Spoons and Skank in the Hallway... traditional ski trip stuff. We read Cosmo on the bus... "You're never a winner when you have honey in your armpit"... The place we stayed at, the Royalty Inn smelled like a port-a-potty, but what can you do. Our room was awesome, it had a microwave and a stove and a fridge, which we put to good use with our ridiculous supply of food. The food at the inn was subpar at best, but whatever. Oh yes, and we also went skiing. I stuck with (or you know, lagged behind) Tracey and Asha, who were very patient with me. I did pretty good, even occationally not pizza-ing down the mountain. I even went down a blue! The first day was awesome, nice and sunny, not too windy and not icy at all. Sunday was a little cloudier and kinda icy, and my legs hurt, so I just put in a half day. But it was a good time. We didn't make it to Slider's on the first day because we got on a random ski lift and went up to the top of Oz, so we went the the North Lodge thingy. The second day we went the right way, and it was nice, though they didn't have the buffet this year. I'm home now, a little sick, and a lot tired.
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