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So today started with a bang. Well more of a pop. I blew my tired getting off 95, I didn't even see the pot hole I was so blinded by the sun. I went to Biggie's sister's house, and her sister's fiance (fiancee?) called triple A for me. He was really nice. AAA took forever to get there, and Meaghan and I had just left Jeff alone to get her some asprin when, of course the guy came. By the time we got back he was done. We went to the mall poked around and headed back. I really wish I knew how to upload pictures from my camera phone, cuz I have a lovely picture of Agnes paralel parked into the snow bank with the spare showing. It's glorious. We went on a quest of sorts for Chinese, and the end result was quite delicious.

And oh my god! How could I forget!


...not to mention a 15 grand scholarship...

okay, so it was my safety school.

but still!

Ocean view dorms!

And no more Bunker Hill...

::relieved sigh::
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