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Super-Awesome Formal-licious

Oh man... formal. Some trying times with my mother doing my hair... I ended up looking like (according to Matt) a "squirrel-monger". We got things straightend out though. Oh lordie awful pun. Um we only got a little lost, we actually got there earlier than the rest of my people. The Scorpion got the best parking spot. Pat was more toned down with his outfit than usual, but I think he had fun dancing. I did. The food was sub-par, but who cares about that. My dress flounced out when I spun around. Afterwards we went to Kowloon's at Mr. Powell's suggestion, and the Crab Rangoons were delicious. Then we went to my house where there was some food and Zim and Tracey stories, before we had to send the boys and Italians and Courtney home. Good times. We are so weird as far as sleeping goes, and I'll just leave that at that. I need a shower before I lazer tag it up.
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